Decidedly Jazz Redesign

It had been awhile since this amazing dance school/troupe from Calgary had updated their site and they wanted something new and modern. Something that spoke better to their art form, something that allowed them to show off some of their amazing dancers in a big way. This is what I gave them:

  • Huge Images on the main page
  • Giant Menus with lots of room to expand
  • a new colourful navigation scheme that adapts to the section you’re browsing
  • a refreshing, simple blog layout to better communicate the daily goings on, upcoming shows/classes, reviews etc.

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Alberta Egg Producers Redesign

The Alberta Egg Producers were looking for a completely new site/look and feel to educate and promote this healthy part of your hopefully regular diet. The site was made to be fun for teachers, kids and moms. As such it features a regular recipe section, health information, games, and helpful teaching aids. The site is also customised to meet any occasion with skins to match any season.